Marketing: Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know

Want to sell a product/service? Market your brand like never before? Break the ceiling with record sales? Well, it sure feels good to think about your brand echoing with the masses, but is it that simple? let me break it down for you.
The common notion about marketing is the marketing is a creative process, marketing a product is like painting Monalisa or the last supper, marketing something is like selling a comb to a bald man, I know it sounds obnoxious but that’s the misconception people in the industry have. For an average business, marketing is simply a Facebook page, for some, it is a hardcore effort of sales for some it is non-existent. Trying to define marketing in this modern-day & age will just create confusion.

What is Marketing?

In 2017, The New York Times described it as “the art of telling stories so enthralling that people lose track of their wallets”. I’m not denying what is said above nor am I subscribing to it, for ME Marketing is the analysis of the human psyche to judge its ability & effort to fill the right spot with the right product at the right time. Marketing is a perfectly cooked dish of Science & Arts with the garnish of Commerce. Marketing begins before the production of a product, Marketing starts with finding a problem, understanding the customer & its need, then creating a product to fit the market. Marketing doesn’t equate directly with sales but sales is the subset of marketing like promotion. Marketing not ends when a product is bought or a service is sold, marketing is a lifelong process, customer service plays an integral part in the dynamics of marketing.

When Marketing Happens!

In the 1950s when new research made it evident that smoking tobacco causes cancer, many cigarette companies panicked and it was at this point when Marlboro, which was considered a woman’s cigarette shifted towards men & became the first-ever lifestyle advertisers, with the introduction of The Marlboro Man.

Cigarette ads were very unconvincing in that era & only talked about how their cigarette was better & safer from others. Everything was fact & no fun, but it didn’t resonate with the audience, because nobody cared about that research, people buy cigarette to flex not because it is safer than other cigs. In 1954 Marlboro created a smoking cowboy known as the Marlboro Man, with this Marlboro was no more from selling cigarettes but Rough & Tough Masculinity & a feeling of freedom & ruggedness. With this campaign, Marlboro went from owning less than 1% of the market share to becoming the 4th largest cigarette company in the world. Cut to 4 years later Marlboro is the largest cigarette company in the world & it still stands that way.

In Short :

  • People don’t buy products, they buy feelings.

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing refers to the use of digital platforms & tools like social media, data analytics, emails, blogs & websites to communicate.

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing on the other hand involves the use of mainstream ways to communicate the desired message with the audience. This includes hoardings & Tv Commercials.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing.

While traditional marketing uses traditional media like magazines, newspapers, television, radio to communicate, digital marketing uses digital media, such as social media or websites. The main difference between digital and traditional marketing is the level of reach & kind of communication which the brand wants to execute. Digital Marketing will help a brand achieve a deeper connection with its targeted prospects, but its coverage is very limited to the affluent population. On the other hand, traditional marketing is utilized to appease large masses for a more generic product. Traditional Marketing is Impactful and More memorable but it is expensive & difficult to measure the engagement. Depending on your venture on which marketing you want to focus on, as a good marketer knows when to deploy what on the battlefield.

CATT Marketing Funnel

For every business, the ultimate goal is to earn money & the wealth that you’re going to create using Digital Marketing follows a simple yet robust formula that is Wealth = n ^ CATT

Here n (Niche), C (Content), A (Attention), T (Trust), and T (Transaction) are the variables which you’re responsible to fill & execute.

  • [n] Niche — your success and wealth depend upon the niche you choose. {Basically Your Domain Of Expertise}

Integrated Digital Marketing

Many new marketers who use the Digital Marketing channel to market products or services often do the mistake of focusing on one channel of digital marketing which often produces disappointing results. To solve this problem IDM is the best solution, IDM is an integration of different components like content marketing, email marketing, social media, paid ads, webinars, etc which are put to action together giving the desired results.

Personal Branding: Mass-Trust Blueprint

Now that you know Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know and how to market using the CATT Funnel & IDM, the last thing you need is Personal Branding. Personal Branding allows you to break market barriers & command over your loyal prospects, but this won’t happen over a night for that you need to go flow into the Mass-Trust Blueprint.

The steps on how you can build a personal brand for yourself are as follows :

  • Learn — Learn a new skill. Remember the facts, procedures & practices

That’s all folks if you’re reading this, hopefully, you have read the whole article & you have gained my insights about marketing. If this article has helped you in understanding marketing or taught you about things you didn’t know or in any other way please share this with your peers, comment your thoughts below & till then keep learning keep evolving.
Thank You!